The business of Allen & Fisher Pianos; Piano World, is predominantly that of major restoration, rebuilding, re-polishing, tuning and general servicing. Selected quality pre-owned pianos with known histories & full guarantees available. Note by appointment only.

A fleet of good pianos is available for rental and quality selected secondhand pianos are available, from time to time, for purchase with full guarantees.

The business undertakes all aspects of piano servicing and repair work with very strong emphasis on reliability, thoroughness and great attention to detail. Unlike many piano businesses every technician at Piano World must be able to play the piano. A proper apprenticeship-training scheme is in operation and staff is trained along the lines of the course recommended by the Piano Technicians Guild. Some staff have gone to Steinway in Hamburg Germany for advanced training.


Contact Details

Office: 021-797-7118

Factory: 021-797-1945

Town: 021-423-2187

N.Subs: 021-975-2985

S.Pen: 021-789-1355

Contactable Genuine References

  • Dr A Greeff – Hermanus
    just wanted to let you know… piano is better than ever and looking more beautiful by the day. I am a very happy client. You and your team did an outstanding job.
    Dr A Greeff – Hermanus
  • Lance Lawson
    You are really kind and have gone beyond your call of duty to help me today. I love your enthusiasm for life!
    Lance Lawson
  • Dr A Greeff – Hermanus
    Just walked through the door and the most beautiful sight stared me in the piano! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. It looks better than the day when it arrived In Richmond. Thank you for the extra mile to get it to me in perfect condition. Your team needs an applause.
    Dr A Greeff – Hermanus
  • Neil Violett – retired Piano teacher
    Thank you for always being supportive and encouraging of my playing; for your appreciation of my talent; for the large part you have (knowingly or unknowingly to yourself) played in my musical life and development
    Neil Violett – retired Piano teacher
  • Luke Ellenbogen - The Fugard Theatre
    Wonderful talking to you and I am so grateful that you are able to assist us at the 11th hour (my sincere apologies) our Resident Musical Director is Charl Johan-lingenfelder who needs these pianos for audition, rehearsal and performances. We have 3 pianos that will need to go onto your books to have regular tuning please.
    Luke Ellenbogen - The Fugard Theatre
  • Adrienne Genis – Durbanville
    I am really grateful that my piano went to a good family with musical talented children. I appreciate your assistance and thank you for the way in which you handled the selling of my piano - much appreciated.
    Adrienne Genis – Durbanville
  • Michael Van Rooyen
    Hi Paul, Thanks for your time today - it was nice to catch up and to see the progress that's been made toward restoring our piano. To be honest, we were both astounded by quality of the work that's been done. After leaving I said to Hayley that I really felt that our choice to have you rebuild the piano had been vindicated - given the work that's been done so far, it's hard for me to imagine that we would have been able to get an equal, let alone better outcome elsewhere. It's also so clear that you and your staff are investing so much more than just time into the piano, and I'm sure I sensed an element of delight and pride in the smiles of your staff as they passed by and saw us witnessing for the first time what the piano is becoming once again. I know that I can be a hard task-master at times, but I also feel that excellence should be recognized and acknowledged. We feel that what you're doing is commendable and we're excited and looking forward to the piano's completion.
    Michael Van Rooyen
  • Kerris – JHB
    The piano has arrived safely. We would like to thank you and your team for an amazing restoration effort – the piano has turned out better than I could have hoped for.
    Kerris – JHB
  • Helen
    Amy and Caylyn really enjoyed the tour of your workshop yesterday. Thanks so much for taking the time to inspire and educate the two lasses.  Amy hasn't stopped practicing since your marvelous impromptu pep talk! I'm, of course, delighted. On the drive home they asked me how I know you and exclaimed, and I quote, "he is so nice and very funny!" I'm sure your daughters will be amused.
  • Hendrik Marais Rustenberg Jnr school
    Thank you very much for your mail and the attached invoice which I will clear with the biggest of smiles...Brandon did a most amazing job! I am so thankful.
    Hendrik Marais Rustenberg Jnr school
  • Paula Gouveia
    Just wanted to drop you both a note to thank you for the wonderful work on the piano. It turned out beautifully. We are extremely happy with the final finish.
    Paula Gouveia
  • Sue Rorke – Piano Teacher
    You have done wonders for that piano, and you are no longer allowed to call it a Steinwas!!!!! I am enjoying playing again and the neighbours have not even complained...................yet!!  I woke up in the night to check that I hadn't been dreaming.....and sure enough...the piano is really in the flat!  Thank you for all your effort and exceptional workmanship. It is much appreciated!
    Sue Rorke – Piano Teacher
  • Rowan
    Thanks, Paul, I’m the one in debt.  Your service is always outstanding and it’s always a pleasure dealing with you. (And in these tough economic times it always surprises me that that is such a rare thing to come across.)
  • Peter Currin - Tamboerskloof
    Paul we can't thank you enough. I count you as one of the nicest most fascinating people I've ever met.
    Peter Currin - Tamboerskloof
  • Linda & Dan Brink - Constantia
    It looks quite magnificent - you and your team are truly masters!!! It's spot is waiting in our new home!!
    Linda & Dan Brink - Constantia
  • Marie
    Good evening, Paul. Well, what an absolute joy to come home to our beautifully refurbished piano. The transformation is way beyond my expectations! I am really THRILLED.  I simply ignored my children and sat down with my beginners' adult book and started playing immediately... So inspired. Much gratitude to you and your team.  Thank you.

Repairs & Services

We undertake all aspects of piano servicing and repair work with very strong emphasis on reliability, thoroughness and painstaking attention to detail.

Piano Hire

If you dont want to buy yet, hire! We have a fleet of quality pianos available for rental at very competitive rates.

Piano Tuning

A Piano contains thousands of moving parts made up of wood, felt and metal. It accordingly follows that this will require servicing regardless of age.

Buying a Piano

There is so much more to buying a piano than browsing through the newspaper or looking at the internet and hoping for the best

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